Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Planting In Spite of the Weather

Still Alive!

Just wanted to show that I have not killed the orchid yet, though the flowers grew quite a bit larger, they are looking a little less lively lately.  I will look up what to do for the next step so fingers crossed.  I've enjoyed its presence in my is the first thing I see when I wake up. 

It is a horrible weather day here...raining, wind howling around the eaves, cold and not a bird in sight.  I hope they have found somewhere snug to hide themselves as this is the forecast for the next five or six days.  I just refilled all the feeders because the conditions are still so cold overall and so little growth sighted, it would be slim pickings for any of the foraging creatures. The poor daffodils opened with optimism briefly but are looking so bedraggled now I'm not sure they will survive.  On a more positive note, on our outing yesterday, we did see buds beginning to open on one tree.

 My seeds from Vessey's arrived and I did get to set the ones you start inside...a month behind so we'll see how this all works out.
Monday, it was cool but the sun was shining and I spent a happy couple of hours in the greenhouse.  I have planted all the Morning Glory, Geum, Butterfly Flower and Daisy seeds.  Of the vegetables, I've put in soil all the different tomatoes and ground cherry. I'm really worried about any of the vegetables having enough growing time this year, especially if this cooler, wetter weather becomes the trend this summer.  

Hope it is warm and cozy where ever you are!