Friday, 2 May 2014

At Sixes and Sevens and Block M

My thinking could best be described as diverse this morning, though scatter-brained is probably a better description.  You know what I mean, one of those days when nothing is flowing and even pouring myself a cup of coffee seems to entail effort.  As I glance about the house, everything seems to be in need of attention all at the same time.  Hubby says there is a funny smell in the fridge; all the windows need a good outdoor cleaning which is my job.  On my way to empty the kitchen scraps in the compost, I noticed the bird houses we had bought last year to put up early in spring this year. I think that time would have been last week or perhaps even earlier. While I was spying the birds at the front feeder, I glanced about the living room and realized the aquarium needed cleaning again. That's a touchy job because water has to be poured, treated and brought to the particular temperature our little fish friends enjoy.  So much for my bragging about keeping the house clean in just fifteen minutes a day.
But really, I'm not complaining, and I mean that.. I'm still mindfully grateful I have the physical strength to get these jobs done.  A walk with the dogs through the woods will sort me out.
Perhaps I'm a little out of sorts because I don't have anything on needles (or hook) just now and I've spent a bit of time searching out a new pattern but can't settle on anything.
Here is the wool I'd like to use next...
 It is  Loops and Threads Impeccable and is a pleasing colour combination of brown, pink and cream. Each colour variation is not that long so I'm not sure I like how the finished look of these squares has a spotted quality to it, with the brown dominating.  I did not know you should check out how long the runs of each colour are when using variegated wool and then choose a pattern to suit.  I'm still figuring out this stuff.  It is lovely wool though with a soft quality to it and I'm eager to settle on a project to start using it.

And here is my Block M which also includes N...

  This is one of the larger blocks in the whole project.  I loved working on a morning glory design as I grow them every year along the fence by the driveway.  They are hardy and I enjoy their many bright colours.