Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What Will I See and Bird-Saving Whiligigs

As the train approaches Montreal, it slows down as it drives past endless backyards. I'm a little reluctant to look at them.  Besides the privacy issue, what will I see.  Will I glimpse something that once seen cannot be unseen.  I don't want to see tied-up dogs or abandoned kittens or even the sagging, bedraggled back decks littered with prams and appliances.  You might think I am exaggerating but I have to tell you that once on a bus tour in Bermuda, yes, Bermuda, I saw something in a back yard I wish I had never seen.  I have a friend who had a similar experience in Cuba; like me to this day she cannot get the image out of her mind.  Fragile flowers I guess we are. 

On more mundane issues...I have replaced some of the whirligigs on the front windows.  I think I showed you a picture of them back in November.  I found them at a dollar store and they are the best thing I have found to prevent the birds from banging into the windows, something I have not had happen since putting these things up.  It's a good thing we are in the country though; I think they would not pass any suburb by-laws these days or at the least, brand us as crazy.