Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Davids' Teas and My Day These Days

Very Large Block T which includes the Z

At Davids' Teas you can have your pick of all kinds of amazing teas; I can't believe the flavours they are infusing into tea leaves these days.  Far cry from the time of only Tetley or Red Rose orange pekoe and the way my grandparents kept the old black teapot brewing at the back of the stove all day.  Now you need the water at a certain temperature and the special tea bags they sell at David's to put your leaves in to steep or a little tea ball for the same purpose.
I told you we liked the creamy Earl Gray with vanilla that we had for our English tea at the spa.  I was able to find it at David's and buy some for my daughters and myself.  I am feeling indulgent to brew my own little pot in the afternoon and enjoy a large cup.  The smell of it is heavenly and I think I like the aroma better than the actual tea. 
I have been working in the garden most days for the mornings.  I had forgotten how much time is spent on your knees when planting and weeding.  Last night I wondered why my shoulder felt sore; at first it crossed my mind I was having a heart attack since hearing how women experience heart attack symptoms in a completely different way from how men do and heart disease is on the rise for us.  Then I remembered I was using the pick axe to break up some sods in the morning and concluded quite sensibly that that was the source of my achyness so crisis averted.  I now have almost all of my seedlings planted.  Still have a couple of trays of late bloomers in the greenhouse.  So far, so good; everything looks like it has transplanted well.
I am spending the afternoons in my basement sewing room.  I have put together the appliqued blue birds into a hanging and now have to decide what else to do with it.  The birds look a little lonely and bare so I think I am going to have to add twigs and leaves.
I used to feel a little sad when my sewing time was over for the day, but now I look forward to my cup of special tea and relaxing watching the trees fill in.