Wednesday, 14 May 2014

So Happy With Vessey's Seed

As you can see, the daffodils did open despite being snowed and rained heavily upon.  They are amazingly resilient like so many of the very early spring flowers.  I also got into the greenhouse and planted all the seeds that need a head start indoors.

I used Vessey seeds this year and I am so happy with them.  After just a few days they have already sprouted which is like instant gratification.  Now the job of keeping them watered properly begins...the heat really builds up in that small space and bakes and dries the soil quickly.
I have moved all the geraniums into the garage to begin hardening them off and preparing them for their summer home in the outdoor pots. They did marvelously well this winter.  I also took in the ivy and that has grown very well during the long months and is also in the garage now getting acclimatized to the temperatures.  
Around here we use the twenty-fourth of May as a marker for when to plant seeds directly into the ground.  That date is quickly approaching; hopefully the weather will finally be co-operative.