Saturday, 17 May 2014

Above My Head and Under My Feet

Above My Head

So many Canada Geese are flying through these parts, the sky is filled with their familiar v-shaped flocks all headed further north.  They are a magnificent bird and spend time in the areas' shorn corn fields feeding on old roots and seeds.  According to the numbers doing this, there must be substantial nutrition in what is leftover from the corn crops.  While feeding there is always one goose on look-out duty for predators and they take turns doing this every five minutes or so.  At sunset they head to any body of water to spend the night; they have learned they are safer from coyotes or other animals by being surrounded by water.  I am sad to learn they are such a nuisance further south of us in the U.S.  I do understand though how they become a problem when hundreds descend into one park in a small town and that action has to be taken to get rid of them.  But it's too bad it has to be like that.

Under My Feet

Here is a forest floor view of trout lilies, a very common yellow wildflower here in Ontario.  The spaces between trees become carpeted first with their familiar rather splotchy leaves that have an odd waxy look to them and before long, the starry trumpet-like bright yellow flower opens up.  They are a true sign of spring and I am so happy to see them.  I took this photo last week on a tramp with the dogs and there are many more of them around this week, just a matter of days later. That is one of the wonders of walking in the country; though every day tracing the same route, there is always something different to note or examine.  I just love it.