Friday, 9 May 2014

Pigging Out South of the Border

"Pig out'
 Does anyone use that phrase anymore?  I used to hear people say it all the time mainly when they had overindulged with some food or other.  The food would be something decadent or fast food, greasy, sort of forbidden.  Sometimes people would deliberately plan to pig out.  I feel a little like I did that yesterday.  We went across the border into the U.S. and as always, stopped to have supper in a restaurant there called Vinn's.  It is mainly a bar and has as decor multiple t.v. screens, most showing sporting events and one streaming some kind of continuous bingo game.  The rest of the decor would best be described as haphazard, interesting chintz valance curtains and a floor worn so thin you can no longer tell what exactly the flooring was meant to be.  The servers are all women, all very friendly, the kind of women you think like to tell jokes and can take one.  Daily specials are written in black marker on a stand alone dry-erase board and are really good deals.  For instance, you can get a lasagna, Greek salad and garlic bread meal for six dollars, hot turkey sandwiches for four ninety-eight, all-u-can-eat fish fry for five dollars.  All the food is served on paper plates and there are paper towel rolls standing in the center of each table. And oh yes, the helpings are ample. Vinn's is a very popular place and you have to get there early, by 5 p.m. in order to get a seat.  We just made it and I ordered my usual...chicken wings and onion rings, and in this way I come to the 'pig out' part of my story.  When we first went there several years ago, I ordered a dozen wings.  They were so good but with fries and onion rings, I wound up having to take some home with me.  The next time I ordered ten wings and found that was still too many.  I have learned that I can comfortably eat eight and along with some onion rings and fries, I leave satisfied but not too, too full. The onion rings are so good, I could make a meal on them, and I think you know by now that while my food tastes are a bit eclectic, they do not run to fast food.  So that will show you how good they are.  Dinner for four, with a Guiness for hubby, was about $35 total.  Ooo, now my mouth is watering talking about it.