Monday, 19 May 2014

Beating the Blues

I am wearing leggings which make me feel confused about my lower body.  They make me feel thin and fat at the same time.  Fat because they make my thighs look bulgy and thin because they slim my calves and looking down towards my feet in sneakers makes me feel almost athletic. 

Truth is I am feeling a little down lately and I am doing what I know to do about that...redouble my exercise efforts.  The best thing is that I am able to do my bit of workout out doors these days and I love looking at the trees, birds, sky, etc. while I put myself through my paces.  I have a chipmunk that joins me from the sidelines and sits immobile watching me.  I now bring one peanut in a shell for him which he secretes in his cheek but stays to watch the show.  I am surprised how easily he seems to be trained but really I guess it is about the food.

 I have one of those tiny ipod devices called a Shuffle and listen to music that runs at 130 beats; in fact I don't think I could do the exercise without the music. My daughter gave me the Shuffle about six years ago and what a great gift it has been.  I have walked many miles with those ear phones sounding some great 'get you moving' type music in my ears. And I do believe moving your body like that has therapeutic value; I always register a better mood afterwards.

I am pleased with my stitching these days.  I finished the last block of the Gardener's Alphabet and am now ready to tackle those bees.  In the evenings I am crocheting my little circle in the square granny squares which I'm happy to report I can do now without thinking.  Perfect for t.v. viewing.

Here is my Block R...