Thursday, 29 May 2014

Quiet Country Lanes and Bluebird Hanging

I was just thinking about a fact of life about living off a side road which is itself off  another country road.  It means we do not have much casual traffic down our way, perhaps accidental sometimes and certainly no body at the door.  The door bell has never been rung since I moved here.  No Avon lady, pizza guy, or any solicitors of any kind to come knocking.  Hubby says a political candidate did come to the door once since he has lived here.  And another time we had two hunters knock at the door wondering if we had seen their beagles; they had let them out a couple of properties away and they took off following a scent.  All this gives us some reassurance regarding the safety of our dogs.  We think neither of them have any sense of traffic and they have gotten out onto the road a couple of times, so luckily the lack of cars is in their favour.  Yes, it is very quiet and peaceful here, that's for sure.

Here is the bluebird hanging I am working on in between other stitching.  I think I will add a wing to each, maybe mix and match the material; I will try that with a couple and see what it looks like. 
Yesterday I spent all my sewing room time tidying.  I don't know how it gets so messed up; watched two episodes of Dr. Phil on Youtube on my laptop, that's how untidy things were.  I should say I listened rather than watched.