Saturday, 31 May 2014

"It's How You Look That Counts"

The cabbage soup diet is going around my facebook page again.  I remember it well from several decades ago, also the banana diet, raw foods diet, the grapefruit diet...yes, there have been quite a few not even counting all the doctors' diets.  This made me think of Billy Bob Thornton and what I read about him a few years back, that he only eats green foods.  He's always very thin in photos (haven't seen him in any movies lately) and I wanted to give a dinner party at the time and serve only green foods but I chickened out.  I realized you could do it though.  Just recently I read a comment by a star about her eating habits claiming she fasts one day a week; she picks a day when she will be busy and will have lots of distractions from food.  I wonder how that would pan out over time.  You really don't want to send your body into starvation mode whereby it starts to hoard the fat, yeah, you really wouldn't want that!
I have a family member who runs and cycles for exercise and he is quite faithful to this even after many decades.  He is also almost religious with his diet. In fact, I'm thinking he would be very close to living the raw foods diet because he is so careful about everything he puts in his mouth.  At a gathering where there was the most wonderful spread of food, I watched him eat only the raw broccoli and cauliflower washed down with a club soda.  He is very thin; I think gaunt.  I know several times he's been asked if he was okay because he does not look well.  He would look much better with about ten extra pounds on his body, but he says his doctor has nothing but praise for him and his marvelous checkup test results.  It makes me think; do you have to look like you're starving to be in the best shape you can muster?  And this makes me think of another star; do you remember when Billy Crystal used to joke "It isn't how you feel that counts, but how you look"?