Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What Was Paradise? But a Garden...

This is the Large-Flowered Trillium and it is definitely the showiest flower growing wild on our land.  We have several just beside the patio door and at this time of year you can glimpse a field full of them when out for a drive.  It is no wonder it is Ontario's provincial flower.  So pretty and though they begin as snow white, they become pinker with age which adds to their loveliness.  My daughter has one in her front yard that is a very deep violet, almost red and it stands out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of white.
I am surrounded by lovely early blooming flowers here and I wish I could bring them inside for a bouquet but I've found they don't last long enough especially the trilliums and violets.

Here is a close up of the beautiful White Trillium, Ontario's Provincial Flower.

A view of the front garden...there's another bird feeder and the concrete bird bath.  I will fill that when the weather becomes hotter and the land is drier.  I'm amazed by how quickly the trees have filled in.  Nature seems to behave according to some deeply embedded unseen calendar; it all opens and blooms and changes colour in turn.  Amazing.  I live in awe of this.

Crochet Update:  I have about 50 of those granny squares made and I still have one more ball of wool, so I will keep going.  I love how fast crochet works up; it is a most instantly gratifying craft.

Stitching Update: I am working my way through the bees and butterflies in my blocks.  Not moving along as fast as the granny squares that's for sure.  I'm also finding I can only stitch in daylight these days despite my efforts to find good lighting at night.