Thursday, 8 May 2014

Project Pictures

I realized my photographs were not showing you just how pretty these designs of Meg's are.  I went into my file and did some close-up cropping to give you a better idea of how the colouring and stitching blend together.  This is a very enjoyable project and not at all difficult...trace the designs, colour them with crayons, heat set with your iron, and then backstitch all the outlines. I should point out that the embroidery floss used is Seasons, a usual six strand floss, but it has a noticeable sheen not found on other brands.  I love how each piece is worked separately so you can take it with you, always a plus for a project with me.
I still am at sea about my pretty variegated wool; I have tried a dozen different crochet squares and none of them seem to suit.  Honestly, some of the designs are definitely over my head; I wish I knew someone who could crochet.  I just need a little instruction...