Monday, 12 May 2014

Nature's Best Builders

There is a lot of building going on as I write this.  It seems every bird I've seen lately is trailing hay or has sticks in its beak.  I guess they are rushing to make up for lost nesting time.  The first photo above shows a nest in the wood shed perched on top of a piece of wood.  Not a great spot because predators (barn cats from the farm next door) can easily reach this.  But what to do?  Perhaps this is a juvenile mother bird to choose such a precarious place for her nest.  I'll be keeping an eye on it. 
The next photo shows a much more successful perch for a nest and as you can see it has been a most popular site. This is what the robins over the drainpipe have managed to build; looks like a triple decker nest  now.  A robin's nest has been there since I came here and before we get a chance to clear it out, another one is sitting.
This is the phoebe nest, another triple decker.  They seem to favour this light which is directly above one of the garage doors in an out building.  They pluck insects from the air as their main diet so I think the location in the open and the light attracting flying insects suits their purposes well.  There has been an Eastern Phoebe nest here for many years.
Another robin's nest; this one is on the light by the patio door.  The dogs coming and going does not seem to bother the birds at all.  There has been a nest here every year since we can remember.  In fact all the lantern type lights around the house have had nests at some point.  Last year I counted seven nests attached to the house in one way or another.  For years now the pretty rosy house finches have had a nest over the bow window in the front; it is deep in an alcove and there is no way of getting a photo which is too bad as I'd love to get a good look. 
Though slow to start, I'm  hopeful it will be a good nesting season after all.