Sunday, 18 May 2014

Saturday Night and Feeling Sad

"You can always hold my hand if you need to feel steady."

                                             Mrs. Hughes, Housekeeper, Downton Abbey

Most of us by this stage of life are carrying around hefty sized baggage.  That special wonderful optimism we could muster so easily in youth has dissipated.  What would it take now to lighten our spirits the way just thinking about a day off or a night out could at one time.  Now is the time too when we feel the irreversibility of certain decisions we made along the way, totting up tears and losses and errors; sadness has its own weight.  Of course, I am only speaking for myself.  Perhaps you are traveling light minus regrets and losses and along with that, still possess the capacity for pure bliss.  I hope that is true for you, I really do and of course, you have my envy.  If only you could be here tonight to hold my hand.


On to other topics of is Mrs. Mourning Dove, or perhaps it is Mister's shift, I can't tell; I'll assume it is Missus and in this photo she is sitting on her nest in the fir tree.  It is close enough to the house, I am able to watch her from my kitchen window.  I mentioned before mourning doves make pitiful nests and this one is no different.  Standing under the tree branch and looking upwards, you can clearly see her body through the nest, that's just how flimsy she has put it together.  How it will hold eggs and little bird bodies, I don't know.