Sunday, 11 May 2014

China Owl and Spa Day

The sweetest sounds to mortals given

Are heard in Mother, Love and Heaven.

                         William Goldsmith Brown

It is Mother's Day, 2014.  I am so ignorant I'm not even sure it is a celebratory day in other countries.  It sure is in North America.  I'm certain many mothers were treated today to gifts, outings, and restaurant meals to show they are loved and appreciated.  I had such an experience today myself.  I received a gift in the form of a ceramic owl shaped in such a way to form a bird house. It was suspended from twine all ready for hanging outside.  It will definitely be the swankiest bird house on this property when I figure out where to put it.  It is a beautiful teal colour which I understand is one of the colours of the year. Much appreciated.
I also got to go to a spa, be served an English tea and then have a massage, my third in my life.  The tea was very special; I've never seen such pretty china patterns and I had a kind of tea I'd never tasted before, Earl Grey Creamy with Vanilla.  It was delicious.  The massage was great with the lady telling me afterwards she was able to work out several knots I was carrying in my shoulders.  For some reason, stress with me rests in my neck and shoulder area. I came home feeling very light and relaxed, certainly a good day. 
They say a mother can only be as happy as her unhappiest child.  As mothers, we know just how deep our feelings for our children can plunge, don't we?  And as a grandmother, I'm finding my feelings towards my grandchildren are even more tender somehow, something I did not think possible.  Perhaps it is a product of aging and feeling more sentimental about life and the people around me; perhaps it is the appreciation of the idea of family and having people to love and love me back despite all my failings.