Tuesday 13 May 2014

Crocheting With Mikey

I showed you the latest wool I am working with...a pink, cream and brown variegated wool from Loops and Threads called Impeccable.  The colour is named Neopolitan and I do like the feel of its texture.  I was struggling to find a pattern mainly because I did not want to use the classic granny square design to work with again so soon.

You won't believe how many tries I made only to ravel them back again.  I tried crochet tutorials on Youtube and didn't seem able to follow them correctly; I tried a number of books from the library and really couldn't follow their directions.  I am just not that familiar with crochet terms I guess.   However, yesterday I happened to find another 'new to me' crochet tutorial on Youtube and right away was able to follow along and complete a square.

Here are a couple of rejects...

And here are the first six of my new  "circle" granny squares...

They are not quite as perfectly square as I would like them but once sewn together, they will fall in line.  This pattern is found on a Youtube video called "How to Make Granny Squares with Circle Centers" and the instructor is Michael Selleck.  He has many videos featuring crocheting tutorials under the heading "Crochet Along  With Mikey". 'Mikey' is a very practiced crocheter and his videos are very clear and step by step.  I had to keep stopping and starting the video to make sure I was doing the counting correctly, but other than that, was most pleased with having stumbled across it. I know it is basically granny squares again, but I do like the circle center, a little variation.  I also feel with Mickey's help, I might be able to tackle more patterns.  Apparently there is a whole channel on Youtube devoted to crocheting. Possibilities are endless; we shall see.

 Anyway, now I have my hands back into wool and have something to do while watching night time t.v. Last night it was episodes of D.C.I. Banks and Veep

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