Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Belief, Inspiration and My Block K

 "I believe in God, only I spell it n-a-t-u-r-e."

                           Frank Lloyd Wright

 I realize now that my grandparents were only in their fifties when they started using sayings such as "God willing" or "if the good Lord allows".  These were usually said when we would have had a visit and were ready to depart and speaking of the next time we would see them. To them that age must have seemed old despite the fact that both were in wonderfully good health.  And I am also struck by how strong their faith was in God and how they so firmly believed their fate was in His hands.  Grace was said before each meal at their house, attending church services was a given and I never ever heard either of them swear. The Bible was read so much it could naturally fall open to my grandmother's favourite passages.  So this is the depth of belief I was steeped in, as it were.  But yet, I find myself today with a great big question mark just where that belief should sit in my heart. I'm really not sure how I came to this seems I have travelled far from those churchy beginnings. Yet, where exactly am I?  These recent years when I do go to church, I admit to feeling inspiration but usually it is because I feel moved by the music or the words not by the story itself that brings us there.  Is that inspiration enough? Or as Peggy Lee sang "is that all there is".
Long thoughts this early morning, perhaps because it is a foggy, rainy one here in Canada's capital city.

Here is Block K....
  Something to my knowledge, I have never eaten.  Is it a fancy turnip?