Sunday, 27 April 2014

Zoo Thoughts and Block L

Still fresh with that 'back home' and back to reality feeling.  I am definitely feeling Cinderella-ish today as the floors all needed a good cleaning.  With all the rain, our two big dogs tracked in a lot of dirt and I couldn't rest till I'd mopped them all.  Yes, I feel a little like I was at a ball but instead of dancing I did a lot of walking.  You can see right away why urban dwellers are thinner than us country folk.  Even going up and down all the subway stairs, standing enroute if it is busy and then walking wherever you have to get to gives a little bit of a workout.
 I did enjoy my favourite parts were the puffin and penguin watching at the Biodome and the star gazing accompanied by a light and music show at the planetarium.  
While at the Biodome, I had to push aside my concerns about the treatment and well-being of these animals kept in captivity.  They are housed in areas that supposedly replicate their natural environments and I watched many going about their business in a seemingly normal way. The ducks and fish, in particular, seemed fine.  I have my doubts though about the lone lynx who has a shelter perched as far from the crowd as they could achieve.  You can be sure his present life is nothing like his life in the wild was meant to be.
I saw many, many children as well as adults like myself enthralled with the sight of so many wild creatures.  I guess that is the positive aspect of zoos for, in reality, how many of us get to see such wildlife otherwise.  Hopefully, the zoo experience builds a respect and admiration of living creatures  which leads to that all important desire to protect and care for them too.

Here is Cinderella's Block L...