Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Redwork Birds

I must apologize.  I have been showing you various pieces of this project, thinking I had already published the following post explaining my latest efforts in redwork.  I often write several posts at a time and must remind myself to check that I don't get ahead of myself.  So here is the post meant to be a preamble to the rest of  the bird squares....
Another project with the embroidered pieces finished!  I've had this one on the go for a year; I liked to keep it for my bit of handiwork on outings.  I had a little baggie with one square (design already drawn on), the aurifil red thread and a needle and this was so easy to cart about and pull out to lay a few stitches if I was waiting somewhere or sitting around chatting.  I took it on holidays this summer but truthfully, did not sew  a stitch.  Things were too hectic and all moments taken up with one thing or another, I simply could not get to it.  However, my fingers became busy once more when I came home.
This project from Crabapple Hill Studios is called Flight of Fancy.  It includes the patterns for twelve birds to be embroidered using redwork and then sewn into a quilt.  The design they used was for large blocks to match the size of the bird blocks so the whole quilt would make an easy to piece together quilt finally measuring about 76in by 76in.
I liked how all the birds are found in our area and some are real favourites of mine.  The material I used was bought originally for the Dresdan plate project but in the end I did not like how dull it seemed.  When I was searching my stash for background material for this project, I pulled this out and saw immediately how it could look like a mottled kind of sky and the red aurifil was intense enough to stand out against it.  I tried it for this first block and liked it.  The material itself is excellent quality and I'm so happy to have found a good use for it.