Sunday, 30 July 2017

Savouring Summertime Slow Stitching

Slow Stitching this Sunday, one that is pushing us perilously close to the end of July.  Summer days are so precious in my country I want them to go on and on.

My wall of borders for A Patchwork Year keeps growing.  Bout half way there now.

 Also almost finished the stitching for July month, a nest with three little birds which gave me a little pang thinking of the three lost on our veranda.

My cross stitch project grows but not as fast as the quilting ones do.  It is quite large.

Believe it or not, both the items in this photo below were gifts to me from Hubby.  The striped container held the Valentine's orchid he gave me this year.  True to form for a smart but geeky retired engineer, he didn't realize the word LOVE was on the side of the pot when he bought it. LOL

And he was proud of this hand held magnet on the left...he'd heard me complain about losing needles and pins on the floor.  It's wooden and has ridges that a needle will disappear into.  This was just the remedy he figured...a very strong magnet and pulling on the inner lever cleverly releases whatever the magnet has attracted.  I have to smile whenever I use it.

This was a glorious summer day and Murphy had a very relaxing afternoon on the veranda with me; she slept, I stitched.

Hope your week is as relaxed as this!

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