Sunday 2 July 2017

What's Green and Very, Very Scrappy

My Inspiration

I've been interested in seeing the creative ways people are using their scraps these days.  So many wonderful challenges occurring around the net. What people are making for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge  is just one that I am following; amazing to see how inspiring each colour of the rainbow can be.

My Sad (ish) Scraps

 This prompted me to get out my tote with all the scraps and see if I could make something too.  I'd already sorted them into colours in separate plastic ziplocks.  I had a lot more in the green baggie though I don't really know why.  Other than for leaves, I don't think I've made anything green so the green was what I started with.

I should say though, that I don't really have that much fabric either as stash or scraps. Still building.

 Such Stress Free Sewing, Sigh

I started sewing the smaller strips together and realized I had enough to make a runner.  I found this such a stress free process, so unconfined by shapes, cutters or templates of any kind.  I had the thought that maybe this would be my sewing by machine from now on.

It Grew So Fast

The strips quickly grew longer.

Then joined with smaller pieces in the center with the longer bits on the sides.

Before I Knew It, I Was Quilting

I decided to quilt this with straight lines using the walking foot which was already set up on my newer machine.

Another day later, I got to finish the edging all around with a little zigzag stitch.  Smooth sailing or should I say, smooth quilting.

A Very, Very Scrappy Finish

What a sense of satisfaction to have a finish.  I like the way it looks and there's no denying it is very, very scrappy.  With all those rows of quilting, this is sure to withstand the washing machine even though made of many little scraps of cloth.

That's a couple of branches of one of the dwarf Dogwood bushes that have been planted here; the variegated leaves are pretty.

Future Scrappy Stuff

I'm thinking I might try the same thing in red scraps for a Christmas runner and by the looks of it, I have enough reds to choose from in my scrap baggie.
Funny about it though, the baggie of green scraps does not look much smaller than when I started.

While stitching I glanced out the window and was a little startled to see this.

She/he has returned often lately to nibble on the tops of one kind of hosta, obviously the one that tastes best, and, oh yes to mightily tease the dogs!

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