Sunday 9 July 2017

Liberty Block and A Smashed Finger(!)

Warning:  Smashed finger photo at the end so don't go there if such would upset you!

I hesitate to tell you how long it has taken me to finish these, my first two blocks of the Kathy Schmitz A Patchwork Year project. After a valiant attempt, I could not get the pieces to fit by machine so wound up sewing them by hand.  At least, though much slower, they more or less fit together at the seams and points.  But I love how they look and I'm hoping the imperfections won't be too glaring in the overall end result.

July was the Liberty house, a lovely design to stitch.  And yes I can see that the right upper corner and bottom right need more tweaking and luckily I cut these little blocks with lots of seam allowance to play with.

With those two more or less finished, it was time to get out my light box and trace another pattern.

I use a Micron Pigment pen for tracing and the pale orange is strong enough for these eyes but will get completely covered by the red thread.

Some people don't like this part of the process and I understand if you have a shaky hand it could be frustrating.  I wish I could come to your house and trace for you as I could do this all day! Perhaps you could then do my piecing for me!!

June pattern...More happy relaxing stitching ahead.

Some of you know we use wood what with a large stove in the basement and a wood stove insert in the living room fireplace.  We also have a small outdoor wood stove used to heat water.  Yesterday we were hauling wood to stack near it and I had a little mishap.
 I was reaching high over the steel fence and tossing the chunks over.  Towards the end I noticed I was tiring with the continual lifting my arms above my head to reach over.  It was about then a rather large chunk slipped from my right hand and caught my left hand middle finger between it and the iron fence giving the top a good bang.

 I had to get into the house fast as I immediately felt faint.  After a bit of a lie down, I felt fine and tended to my poor squashed finger.  I decided I didn't need medical help, soaked it in tea tree oil and bandaged it.  It was throbbing so I confess I did take some Tylenol.
 I have a high threshold of pain which is certainly helpful being me!

Hubby is so good at pacing himself and taking breaks but as he tells me, I don't know when to stop and always try to do too much at once.   I don't really know why that is the way I work...if there is a job to be done, I want to get on with it and get it over with.  Then with the reward earned as it were, I can relax. Are you like that too?

So what do you think?  Do you think I will lose the fingernail?

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