Thursday 20 July 2017

TimTams Among My Thursday Likes

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I am friends on Facebook with Robin Anne West, a wonderful quilter.  She mentioned a little tea and biscuit snack called TimTams.  I asked what are TimTams. And kind Robin responded by sending me a package with an assortment of TimTams and Australia's own Vegemite (more about that later).  The TimTams are a big hit in this house...the double coated are especially good so if you can get your hands on them in your neck of the woods, do indulge!

I love movies and going to the theatre to watch one is a favourite outing for me.  I get to do that with older grandson these days which is a bit of fun for me.  Last week we went to see Spiderman: Homecoming; I enjoyed it very much.

I am a person who prefers to focus on the present day.  I'm a little careful with my reminiscing as, like everyone, I've had my share of sad things happen to me.  I wonder if the mind somehow holds the feelings even though consciously trying not to think of the events themselves. Would that account for those rarish days when I feel not myself and a little bit down for no good reason.  Those are times when I need to go in my sewing room and lose myself.  It works for me to keep the morbid thoughts at bay and I can emerge feeling better. Fabric is still cheaper than drugs..LOL.

Speaking of you like this new fabric line called Cottage Charm from Jacquelynne Steeves for  Henry Glass and Company.  I wonder will she use this for her new BOM in August.  I think it is pretty but there are so many around it is hard to choose one over another.

                                         Image result for leanne anderson new fabric

 The garden also helps soothe me too I've noticed.  I don't need a plan in mind...I'm out there bending down and immediately there is something that needs doing...weeding always, and gradually I am settling down inside as I pull out weeds or note what needs transplanting.
I am so grateful for these pastimes that carry me through my weaker hours.

The Balloon plants also benefited from heavy pruning last fall.

Loads of day lilies all around.

And here are flowers worked on wire fences!!
Danielle Clough is a thread artist who likes to work her magic in city places such as parking lots.


And also on tiny landscapes as well. The talent all around us  is so wonderful to see.

Image result for danielle clough

Here is the link to her web site where there are amazing embroideries to view.

I am happily linking with the lovely Not Afraid of Color blog and will be reading the wonderful Thursday likes posted there, every single one!

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