Tuesday 25 July 2017

Now Where Did I Put That?

When it comes to organization and stitching tips, I need all the help I can get...

Hubby had me buy a fishing tackle box when he saw how I kept some of my sewing tools, etc. in multiple little boxes.  The box worked great for a few years till Murphy accidentally leaped on it one day and broke all the trays off. ( I remember it well because it was the same week she chewed a library book which I had to pay a $20 fee for; not the only time she's done that, sigh, but I love her anyway.)

 I've looked for a replacement but only found small boxes with maybe one tray.  I was looking online and found this one at Cabela's and since they just opened a big new store here, I am going to check it out.  Hubby is in seventh heaven because a brand new Princess Auto opened right beside it. (And ladies if you are single and wondering where all the men are, believe me, they are at a Princess Auto store!).
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 My cross stitched Quakers in my Cornwall Cottage Sampler are moving along with a photo for you soon.
This idea below is a big help when working with multiple shades of the same colour, which I usually am. Depending on time of day, amount of light, angle of the sun, old lady eyes, you name it, it can get tricky to tell some of them apart. Rethreading my needles and having them all ready is something I try to do at the end of each stitching session thought they are not often lined up as neatly as this.
  1. Keep your floss colors organized while you cross stitch - label each one with the chart symbol.  No need to keep threading/un-threading!

A friend on Facebook posted the above idea and isn't it great?  With the dogs and hair, I could never let my wool drift along the floor.  A lot of Rex would wind up being worked into whatever I was crocheting!
I saw a similar bowl for the same thing at Wooltyme.  It was a piece of pottery and very expensive, but what a great gift idea for a knitter or crocheter.  Here is a yarn bowl made by Darrielles ClayArt that was available on Etsy but no longer. Of course, I adore the two little birds and there are many more to choose from.  

Another way to keep track of rows when knitting. Nothing fancy here.  A sheet of paper and a paper clip.  This could work for a crochet pattern too.  It was pinned by Teresa on Pinterest.

source Internet

And this last one, as Little Dorrit, the television series, fans, I could not help but show you this vintage type counter.  I guess you could work out something like this with cardboard yourself if you'd a mind to.


Many of you are visiting beaches these days and I bookmarked this photo to show you.
This idea is from Making it With Danielle and I thought it was easy and genius.

DIY Pocketed BeachTowel

Before I leave you today, I just have to show you this most beautiful quilt.

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Danny Amazonas created this quilt to celebrate motherhood.  I meant to include this for Mother's Day but forgot. A work of art, really.
Puts my struggle with HST's into perspective, I tell you.

So have you worked out great ideas for keeping track when working through a pattern? Corralling materials? Care to share?

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