Thursday, 6 July 2017

My New To Me Thing Among My Thursday Loves

New To Me #1

I'm going to post a new to me thing each week. I'm still learning so much and the new thing will be anything I come across that tweaks my interest.  Learning new things is good for old brains too.  LOL
This week it is a quilting thing...tricot quilts.  I'd never heard of them till Carol spoke of them on her
Just Let Me Quilt blog.

The silky material Tricot quilts use make the stitching easy...what a great way to practice slow motion quilting or hand quilting.  I'm sure many of us have memories of just such silky feeling quilts from our childhood.

Image result for tricot quilts

Remember the tempest in a tea pot that was taking place online about the use of so-called cheater panels in quilting.  I receive Janet Granger's posts directly in my mail box and lo and behold, there was Janet, who is a wonderful hand quilter and advocate, btw,  making use of just such a pre designed panel.
This one is called Stonehenge: A Stitch in Time- Quilt Block Panel and I like that palette.  Does it appeal to you too? She is using that dark mustard fabric for the backing.

cheater quilt

Janet was saying in her post that she wanted to make a Quick Quilt and this panel fitted perfectly what she had in mind.  She quickly made her sandwich and has set about hand quilting it which she does beautifully.

Meanwhile I want to spread the word.
 The wonderful designer and quilter, Jacquelyne Steves, is offering a free BOM beginning in August.  I Love  Home will feature 4 blocks with borders and options to piece, applique or embroidery your blocks. I love the idea of such choice.  And who doesn't love houses?! And designers who generously share their talent!

And what do you think of this?  I'm quite taken with it. Maybe because I love the combination of fabrics and embroidery in general.

What word comes to mind when you look at this piece below??  Fanciful came to my mind.

Embroidered by Kimika Hara and I think I remember this is a fox out at night.  I'm going to try to find out more about Kimika and get back to you with what I find.

I like that Michael J. Fox became a Governor General's Performing Arts Laureate last week.

Image result for Michael J fox getting canadian laureate award ceremony

A great little video about Parkinson's, a disease Michael jokingly calls, the gift that keeps on taking.  

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