Tuesday 4 July 2017

In and Around Our House

I wondered where Murphy was - she is usually under my feet.  And there she was all curled up behind me in my sewing room chair.  I hadn't seen her sneak by me.  She can be quite stealthy when she wants to be.

Rex too seeks out his comforts... often in my living room pet chair just like Murphy above is doing.

 Why these two very big dogs want to be off the floor every chance they get, I don't know.  They are rescue dogs; pretty sure Rex especially only ever knew a crate before life with us.

But I feel it is all the more reason to indulge them a little.

 They don't handle heat well but will still beg for their walks.  I'm not sure I'm doing them favours having them out wearing fur coats as it were.  Early in the morning works the best for them so it's then I take them around the pond with Murphy always diving in for a dip.
 Labradors adore water; we have witnessed her try to do a full body bath in a little puddle.

At the pond we encountered a deer one day but luckily, it was swifter at seeing us and was able to leap out of sight before the dogs got too excited.  I was rewarded though with the memory of its pretty pale red/brown coat shining in the early morning sunshine.

Two things I love about the picture below...the poppies are a given.  But also I'm loving my new Sketchers sandals for around the house.  Comfortable and totally attached so no chance of me falling off them (which I have done with the backless sliders, so no more of those for me).

Here's a closer look at them. Light as air and so comfortable and they fasten with velcro just like the little kids shoes.  What's that expression that applies now...once a man and twice a child.

A couple of bird shots for you.  The first, a chickadee at the feeder, taken from the veranda.

And a pair of Canada geese that stayed around our pond for a couple of months but have moved on now. Try as I might I couldn't sneak up on them without one sounding an alarm.  You can see the one of the left is doing just that.

An unlikely visitor to the feeder area...a wild turkey, all by herself, trots through every now and then. She seems to be hanging out in a area of the woods where Hubby has seen a groundhog.

Lots of bloom inside these days with longer hours of light. All the African violets are flowering nicely.

June is over and we are into July.  Time is like the air now...nothing to it at all.

A Big Happy July 4th to my American friends!

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