Thursday 27 July 2017

From Cavies to Cabbage!

This is entirely new to me.

  I had no idea guinea pigs could be such rewarding pets.  The poodles my blogging friends, LeeAnna (Not Afraid of Color) and Michele ( 3P & N) have, yes of course, but I'd never have dreamed tiny guinea pigs would also provide such enjoyment.
 I think I'd really only heard of them when a teacher would get one for the class to learn about pets and how to take care of them. The kids would take turns having it at their house for a weekend which they seemed to love doing.
 But I didn't know they could have such engaging personalities. Sally at Crafts, Cavies and Cooking includes the antics of her little pets,Wedgewood and Boadacia, in her posts.  So cute!

Love this pattern from Crabapple Hill Studio... Girls' Getaway.  Are you a luxuriate in the bath kind of person?  I'm not though I do enjoy a hot spa session.


Did you know Quilting Books, Patterns and Notions site, besides a Discount page has a Gently Used section? They are posting books for as little as $5 US.  This link will take you to what's offered right now.  It changes all the time and is definitely worth checking never know when you might find the very book you have wanted. As Rosie O'Donnell once said on her show, no matter how rich you are, you enjoy a bargain.

This is the wettest summer on record here in the Ottawa area but I've noticed certain flowers are flourishing with the rain.  This is one of them...the black eyed Susans. Last summer they were rather scarce but loads and loads are dotting the property this year.  I like how they are wonderful in bouquets and, unlike other wildflowers, will last in the house.  Such a cheery little flower even in the rain the day I took this shot.

Perhaps it is my Irish roots, but I like cabbage very much and cook it often.  I like how easy it is to saute with a little onion, sprinkled with apple cider vinegar and it is instantly a great healthy side dish.  I fried bacon strips with this (perhaps not so healthy, LOL) and baked potatoes in the microwave, my version of 'fast food'.  I sometimes add peppers or as in this case, cherry tomatoes.

Here is a link to this article below. Though I don't believe it has moon power like the ancient healers did, I do think the somewhat lowly cabbage is a healthy choice (but I do understand there are folks who can't tolerate it).


Well this is annual check up day for the dogs at the vets'.  I really like our veterinarian, Dr. Sue Martin.
 But it is a little bit stressful taking Rex to the clinic.  We have to get the last appt. of the day so he won't inadvertently scare anyone and we scout ahead to be sure there is only staff about.  All women there so there is no problem as he seems to like females. To clarify, in guard dog training apparently he was trained not to bite, just to bark which he does a lot of.  We  just don't want to take any chances; a large German Shepherd even just barking could give someone a good fright.
 Wish us luck.

I will be linking with the colourful Not Afraid of Color and It's a Small Town Life and reading all the great Thursday likes and thankful things.

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