Tuesday, 7 April 2015

April, On the Trail and Chocolate Ears

Out on the trail today, Murphy is pulling on the lead anxious to move faster.  Her old mistress can only go so fast.  The snow was partially melted and seemed slippery somehow. It wasn't easy to get traction is my excuse.

Below going through the hawthorn grove, which is very thorny, no mistake.  You really don't want to brush up against any of those branches; I've read a prick from one of the thorns in your eye can cause blindness.  I wonder often why the pioneers made a point of cultivating a whole grove of hawthorn not that far from where the original house stood. These days they are so old they no longer flower but the sharpness of the thorn has not lessened.

And I wonder what made its home up there....

Dead trees make useful houses for an array of creatures.  By the number of holes in this tree, it has had a few inhabitants.

 The dead tree with the holes is there in the center of this photo.  Still lots of trees for Hubby to cut for firewood.
  Back home and feeling the need for reward after my big tramp; my Easter chocolate is calling my name.      I am so tempted.

 Perhaps just the ears....