Thursday, 30 April 2015

In the Yard: Autumn Colours Revealed

I'd been feeling badly wishing I  had prettier things to show you and then I spied this.  The little band of birds under the feeder this morning and they were actually prettier than this photo shows.  It is my usual mix of visitors.
Murphy is groaning at my feet, a protestation.  She wants my toes to stay still while she rests her head across them.  Hubby says she is the most vocal dog he has owned; her groans, moans and harrumphs can be heard each time she moves night and day.  I say she is our diva because she makes herself conspicuous where ever she is in the house.  Rex, on the other hand, is the quiet, silent type (unless he spots a squirrel) and we usually have to call his name to know where he is.  He loves to lie in front of the front door.  The full length clear glass gives him a view of the entire front lawn, even lying down.  There he keeps a close eye on things.

Lots of grapevines trailing along the top of the fencing on the back yard dog enclosure.  I liked how it naturally formed this

an almost perfect circle.  I usually gather enough to make a few wreaths each year.  They keep really well in the greenhouse.  How dull and drab the colours of nature are this time of year.  Make no wonder my eye got drawn to this on the ground.

What stunning colours of lichen on these rocks!
 They tell a tale about autumn and the beautiful shades the first freeze up and snow caught them in.