Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Betty Smith's Wisdom and Spring Signs

April and we are still having a fire ....

But our wood supply in the garage has steadily dwindled and is now at this stage, a sign of spring.

Sometimes a few surprises are found amongst the chunks of wood.  This tiny withered nest was perfectly preserved between two pieces.  I assume the birds had vacated before the farmer had started transporting his wood pile and it became ours.

This little round ball of fluffy material below was found under an opening between the bark and a log.  We know it is a mouse house and was home grown right here because it contained a lot of Rex's hairs.  By the way, when I held it in my hand, I could feel the warmth of those hairs.

Yesterday the sky trains of Canada geese began; for most of the morning, their very loud honkings filled the air.  Another sign of spring here in Ontario.

Changing the topic.and while I think of it, I had this little piece from Betty Smith's  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in my chewed up journal.

I really like "Only let me be something every blessed minute."
Another of her quotes  is "Look at everything like you are seeing it for the first or last time.  Then your time here on earth will be filled with glory".

Interestingly, Betty Smith grew up poor and was allowed into university even though she had never finished high school.  She became an award winning dramatist and author, but that is not what intrigued me about her.
Personally, I like how so much of what she had to say was about living life to the fullest and in particular, forgiving and forgetting.  She was one of the first to write about the valuable therapy of 'letting go' of the past, trying to rise above any hardships and finding the joy in the little things here and now. However, Betty was a complex woman and held many views that would be considered ahead of her times.  One I smile at is she believed women were superior to men.