Monday, 27 April 2015

Around Our House

Not a window has been cracked in the house since last October.  It doesn't smell that bad to me which proves, like the commercial, I am now nose-blind.  With two old people, two big dogs, Mitzy in the basement, and signs of mice everywhere, and oh yes, me cooking fish about once a week...yes the place has just got to smell.  The screens go up soon as this week of rain and wind gets done with and I can't wait to let the fresh air in, need it or not.

Meanwhile, Hubby has declared the house a dessert-free zone which he does periodically. Unlike the bears, he feels he is emerging from the winter with extra poundage.  But I noticed he checked his freezer supply of homemade goodies for his tea times before officially making the declaration.
Last night I was tempted to serve him the 'meal' I saw in a magazine.  It was three or four spears of asparagus and one sliced beet sitting on a few spinach leaves.  Oh yes, there was a scone with it - one of those two-bite things the size of a toonie. " Wouldn't fill your tooth " as the old people would say about a scanty meal.

As it was this is what he got instead...

Something new we thought we would try, a smoked meat pizza.  They were offering samples at Costco and we both tried it and liked it. It is thin crust and tasty. A perfect Friday night meal.  We are finally into Season 5 of Breaking Bad and have added Top of the Lake, a New Zealand based drama to our viewing list.  Really good.

Oh and I had mail on Friday; a package from Keepsake Needlearts. just love that company and their sister Keepsake Quilting.  I'll let you know soon what is in it.