Friday, 17 April 2015

Keeping up appearances and Zombie News

"Keeping up the appearance of having all your marbles is hard work, but 

important."            Sara Gruen

She came towards me in the frozen food aisle at Walmart.  She, a lovely looking woman perhaps Jamaican, was pointing at my coat and smiling.  I, thinking she was complimenting my forest green plaid wool jacket, smiled back and said thank you.  She continued to point and seemed to be making a gesture with one outstretched finger.  I, thinking she was admiring the large tortoiseshell buttons on this coat, said thank you again.  Then her look changed to a more confused one and I finally looked down at my coat.
That's when I saw the dreaded misbuttoning; my large lovely buttons completely out of line, causing one side of my coat to hang about six inches below the other side.  How in the world had I not noticed!  When I looked back up as I was unbuttoning to rebutton properly, the lady had moved off.
 I mentally calculated where I had been that morning with my coat askew as it were...the school and group of parents seeing off their kids, but that's just a small group, the post office, then into Walmart where there, dozens of people would have seen the crazy old lady who doesn't know how to button her coat anymore.  Oh dear.  My only consolation...I didn't know a soul there and for sure no one knew me.
Of course if the saying 'women over 44 are invisible' is true then I'm okay; I'll be left to wander around on my own some more.

That reminds me of the British t.v. show that Hubby and I have watched through several times..Keeping Up Appearances, how we love Hyacinth and laughed at her pretensions. We also loved Dawn French as the Vicar of Dibley and watched that through a couple of times.  At that time we also tuned into  As Time Goes By with Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer and enjoyed it so much.  Those shows were/are real gems.  No doubt at some point in our future, they will bear repeating.
I know that sounds like I'm showing my age but to confound you completely I also love The Walking Dead. Which leads me to
                                 Zombie News
Recently scientists studied what would happen if there really was a zombie apocalypse.  They have determined that the further north you live, the greater your chances of survival.  We'd be somewhat protected by a day or two here but the million or so people in Ottawa itself would soon overrun us so you'd have to be much further north than even here. Not as bad off though as the poor people in New York City who would be done for in a matter of hours.
 Just for fun, a link to the Cornell University study is HERE
What next?!

Meanhile hope you are continuing the important work of hanging onto your marbles!