Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lights on Rubber Boots: Imagine That

Grandson's new rubber boots...

It took him all of five seconds to realize if he stamped his feet, coloured lights flashed around the soles.  Imagine, lights on rubber boots.  What would my grandparents have to say about that I wonder.
 Anyway, he loves them but I think because he can run easier in them than the heavier winter boots.  For him it's all about function, not fashion.

My pink geranium getting a little sun in the dining room window.  They really do produce a pretty bloom.  

I spent a good amount of time outside today and raked the flower beds. Above is a before picture; below is the after.  All of a sudden a few sprouts were poking through the snow, one day not the next day there, amazing.
 The snow has receded and now just the valleys and ditches are full of ice. 

 As my Australian and New Zealand friends prepare for autumn, I'm happy to say we are moving into spring. Don't know if I could have hung on a minute longer.