Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Doodle Wallhanging

A great idea from the wonderful Mary Corbet...a doodle cloth.
 Mary wrote a post called "5 Reasons to Keep a Doodle Cloth" on her site Needle 'N Thread.The link to that post is HERE and of course, this makes such good sense.  Most of us want and need to practice the embroidery stitches we are not that familiar with so having a dedicated piece of cloth just for that purpose is a good idea.  I remember the practicing I had to do to get bullion stitches to lie flat for me.
This particular doodle cloth takes the idea a step further.  Mary proposes that if you use a little planning, choose interesting colours and cloth, then your doodle cloth can become a project in itself.  Anyway, she explains the idea far better than I can so check it out.  While there, have a good look around; Mary generously offers many free patterns and tutorials on embroidery with an abundance of useful tips.

I broke down and brought my sewing machine back upstairs and have given it a home in the dining room for now.  Warmer temperatures and better light make it more conducive to me spending the time I need with it.
 I'm not sure if I told you but this machine has a few sweet features...automatic threader and automatic thread cutter being just two of them.
 I'm one of those people where it is a good thing to be able to preset my sewing speed as in keep it consistently slower which I also can do with this machine.  I already notice I am getting better results with this feature adjusted.  I have a tendency to have a heavy foot at times and that's when things can get out of control.
I began practice sewing on a piece of cloth and I have some of the basics accomplished.  Then I read Mary's post; I realized what I was doing could be done on my Bluebirds wall hanging.  It is not perfect to begin with and what needs doing on it could take me through more practice with several of the pressure feet. My project could become a Doodle Hanging.  At this point I have finished most of the 'stitch in a ditch' sewing.

Though imperfect, my blue birds are bright and cheerful.  And I am getting more of a handle on my Singer along the way.