Thursday, 2 April 2015

Little Journals For Big Ideas

My little book of ideas...

I love to keep a record of different ideas I come across. There are so many!  I use various designated little journals and books for these different purposes.  I love how you can find these little books all over these days and even the Dollar Store stocks an inexpensive selection.  If  the idea that tweaks me is in an old magazine or catalogue I now cut out the pictures to keep.  This little one above has been on the go for a couple of  years and it's interesting to look back through its pages from time to time.  I just notice now that Thimbleberries tote bag that I love.

The tiny book below was my record of interesting sayings, phrases and words that I had been noting down for several years.  Murphy loved it or hated it, I don't know which but decided it was worth a good chew anyway. I was upset at the time and especially when I realized I couldn't piece together so many of the sayings.

Now compared to the three library books she chewed and I had to pay for, it's not so bad.  I honestly thought her younger, chewing days were safely behind her.  Hubby thinks the glue in the binding might have attracted her.  Who knows and does this look like a face that cares?

                                     Lucky for her she is so loved....

Meanwhile, first sighting of a chipmunk so it must be spring.

                                                            But this is what he saw

                                     An expanse of snow and ice and it was minus 13 at the time.

He was stationed there just above his hole and any time a blue jay came close to him, he would drop out of sight.  He didn't bother with the seeds at the nearby feeder because I'm thinking he had himself situated quite close to that food source and had had plenty of food all winter. I don't call chipmunks canny for nothing.  He seemed to be taking in the view, just rousing himself from his long winter's nap.  Chipmunks are usually darting little creatures but this little guy stayed looking around (between drops in the hole) for much of the morning.
 I know, I know a very small thing and small things amuse small minds, yes, guilty.