Thursday, 23 April 2015

Housework Can't Kill

"Housework can't kill you but why take the chance."

                                                                                       Phyllis Diller

"Men Abhor a Vacuum, Dishwasher......"

                                                            Anna Quindlen

Have household chores beckoning this morning.  You know, the usual...fridge crispers need a cleaning, utensil drawer full of crumbs, under the sink cupboard getting scummy. And I've so bravely photographed my dirty oven for you all to see.  And I really should unzip the dog bed covers and give them a wash. YES!
  My excuse for letting the kitchen go is I am waiting for the wood fires to stop and then I will give everything a good wipe down. Even though it is beginning to warm up nicely during the day, it is still freezing overnight and Hubby likes to have the kitchen nice and toasty for his breakfast and morning read, so the wood fires continue.
 But the simple chores of housework can't kill me I'm pretty sure and may even be theraputic and at the least,  keep me and this body I house moving.
Still spending time with my sewing machine each day.  My plan is to do this right and make sure I know all the bits before jumping in and sewing on a new project (though I am very tempted) and my blue birds are perfect for practice.  It seems it will be awhile before I get to the embroidery fonts.

                                              Lots and lots of parts to read about and sort out. Felt frustrated the last session because, wouldn't you know, the very question I have is not answered anywhere in the manual or the on line videos.  Has this happened to you?

I've been labeling and putting each of the different pressure feet into a baggie as I figure out their different uses.  I'm a bit hampered by the electronic part of this machine; so much of the running of it I can't 'get at' to undo or fix anything.   I was able to take apart my tiny Brother machine and fix anything with it myself which gave me a lot of confidence when using it.  However, I am already feeling a little more 'in charge' in that at least now I can pinpoint what exactly I don't know.  This is learning too!
This is making me wonder though about that old can't teach an old dog new tricks.  This old dog can learn but slowly...

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Learning all the time, that's me and poor Eartha, who I admired for the honesty that so famously made Mrs. Lyndon Johnson cry that time, as well as her rendition of "Santa Baby".

Back to housework talk...I've read Agatha Christie worked out her murder plots in her head while she did the dishes.  Rosamund Pilcher tells the story of how she practiced aloud her novel dialogues while hanging out her clothes. But these are women authors.  Funny I don't think of  male authors doing housework.  If the stories about Hemmingway are believed he probably lived on pub food; nary a plate in sight to wash and dry.  Like most men, he probably puttered around the house and fixed anything faulty which is exactly what men are contributing still today to the household, this many decades later.
Clever Anna Quindlen wrote a wonderful article for The Dispatch titled "Men Abhor A Vacuum, Dishwasher..."
It is amusing to read and the link is HERE
  With jobs or not, like it or not, women are the queens of the housework.
 Lucky for us it isn't killing...