Monday, 13 April 2015

Tea Time Is Any Time (In This House)

I'm parched, says hubby.  I know that means put the kettle on and make a pot of tea.  Sometimes I think I have turned back time to my grandparent's day and house where there seemed to be a perpetual pot of tea warming on the back of the stove. And just like them, hubby doesn't seem to mind how old or strong the tea is.  I guess George got that right.

"All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each passing year."
                                                                                           George Orwell

  Yes, tea time is celebrated here in this house many times a day.  Since hubby believes in a pre-heated pot and the five minute rule for steeping his tea, cosies play an important part in this ritual.

This tea cosy is special to me.  I've managed to hang on to it for a few decades and I just love the little embroidered boy with his dog team.  This design is worked in split stitch and though simple, is very effective.

 Below is a new one daughter gave me for Christmas.  She didn't need to think hard if I would like chickadees on fabric.

And here is one bought at a craft fair many years ago.. still pressed into service.

And I bet you would never guess what this little guy is used for....

Another of Daughter's sweet gifts...a tea strainer in the form of a bobbing duck in your tea pot.  How cute is  this!
Tea cosies are a popular item to knit, crochet and sew.  I couldn't resist showing you this tea cosy...creatively crocheted to resemble a coral reef.  I think it is rather amazing.  Unfortunately, I could not find out the artist's name who created this to give them credit

Last but not least........

Let's make a tea cosy!

I also wanted to show you something Jenny of Elefantz offered in a blog post last month.  It is just about the cutest tea cosy you could find and she includes a tutorial on how to make it. A link to that post is 
HERE  and while you are at it I encourage you to look through her blog.  What wonderful photos and projects!  Jenny very generously shares many free patterns of her own designs and is always producing new patterns to embroider and sew.  I signed up for her Friday newsletter and I keep thinking I should be  participating in her Vintage Kitchen BOM; the little drawings are adorable.

Happy cuppa to all.