Tuesday, 24 November 2015

6 Ways to Combat November

Advice to combat November settling down upon us.  Minus 12 overnight but oddly, still no snow here. 
 It really is a month with not a lot to recommend it. Any Canadian November usually battles January for the title, Most Depressing Month.
 Gloomy comes to mind especially since there is not a colour outside to relieve the eye from all the grays and washed out browns. We have been steadily losing sunshine since September...now is when that really hits home because we are plunged into total darkness by 5:30 p.m. each day.
Yes, I guess November, in this hemisphere at least,  is considered negative in more ways than one.

Recently, I've been told to

1. Check my Vitamin D levels...lack of sun in this northern hemisphere leads to unhealthy levels of the essential D vitamin.

2. Watch out for the comfort food pit; cold weather tends to make us seek greater comforts, one of which is food.

3. Be careful of falls...it is slippery season again.  Get out those Ice Tracks.

 4.  Think about taking up a winter sport...ice skating, snowboarding, skiing ( absolutely not). This is my indoor elliptical trainer season.

5.  Not let the month drive you to drink...but a glass or two of merlot is still on the 'good for you' list so check out those LCBO specials.

6. Get those winter tires on your vehicle...the white stuff will be here to stay any minute. Being prepared is important.

And if that isn't enough, time is quickly running out on those New Year's Resolutions that were made back in January to welcome 2015. November is the time to make good on those promises.
 I'm okay there because I don't think I made any but I'll have to glimpse back into my Blog posts to confirm.

But November hosts the most wonderful celebration for our American friends... their Thanksgiving which is massive.  A side effect is Black Friday which has snuck across the border and we also benefit, online especially.

And November must be gotten through to get to December and my favourite celebration...Christmas.

And my blogging friends in Australia and New  Zealand are welcoming their beautiful summer blooms this month.  I enjoy this vicariously through their posts.

Definitely not wishing life away, but ahh, November...