Friday, 6 November 2015

Food for Eyes

I couldn't resist showing you this-

an autumn garden in Wiltshire, England.

and this,  Highgrove in England.  I'm struck by how peaceful and serene the environments look.

This is very interesting...

which are quilt gardens.  A beautiful idea whose time has come it seems as these have popped up all over the world.  I think I can see half square and quarter square triangles in that bottom photo.
What clever minds think of these things.  I can barely plant a few bulbs and I still mess up what eventually grows in the largest outdoor pot. I'm guessing the real pros are behind these wonderful and intricate designs.

This magazine, Piecework, is one of my favourites.  I see something in every issue that I would love to try my hand at.  This edition, dubbed The Red Issue, was a real treat.
That knitted shawl featured on the cover is beautiful and full instructions are included.

As is this knitted cowl.  Beautiful shades of burnished red.

There is a large section devoted to Russian embroidery.  Cross stitched bands and borders abound as inspiration for those of you creating your own designs. 
The information about the use of the colour red to decorate and embellish cloth is fascinating.  Russians have loved red so long the word was lost and the word they used for it translates as 'beautiful'.  Another word had to be invented to use for beautiful.  

Image result for shades of red and their names 
Red is thought to be the first colour percieved by man.  Brain injured persons will begin to see the colour red before all other colours. 

Of course, we stitchers know the appeal of all the reds.  How we love our redwork embroidery and I know many embroiderers who have their very favourite shades of red to work in.  

Redwork Noel - Cross Stitch Pattern

How's this for a beautiful example of red work and I thought of it because the season is so quickly approaching.  I own this cross stitch design called Redwork Noel by Joan Elliott and someday I will work it. It can be purchased at 123 Stitch.