Monday, 30 November 2015

Snacking and Stitching

Isn't memory just the most interesting thing?
 Hubby and I are a little consumed with it these days. Just recently I've heard of two acquaintances newly diagnosed with dementia.
 Hubby is constantly complaining about his lack of memory.  I don't see any difference in the six years I've known him but he has himself convinced it is failing steadily.  I think there is just so much talk these days about seniors and dementia type ailments that we are all taking notice.
 As someone who always had to write things down...lived by a list at work, I don't notice any difference in my memory but I did just dribble olive oil down the front of my semi-new top. I may have other problems, LOL.

                                A permanent tomato train on the kitchen shelf these days.

                                And oven grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for lunch.

We are surrounded by working farms here in the Ottawa Valley.   This is a shot I took of the farm across the river from us.  It has a permanently peaceful, idyllic look to it.  Like so many, it is a multi-generational operation.

Even though it is November, there is still the odd bit of green grass to be found.  Heard threats of snow yesterday but it never did materialize.  So we are strangely still green when normally we'd be snow covered by now. Definitely not complaining.

Another share of my Strawberry Thief.  Hope you are not bored to death seeing this fellow again.  I am down to just two corners on the edging to complete, and a few more stitches on his belly.  Though he has been lingering over long, I still love him. 

This is a close up of the little turned up corners that I had to work out myself because the edging is an abbreviated version of the actual pattern.

Hope it is calm and peaceful wherever you are.