Thursday 26 November 2015

Chipmunks, Cheesecake and Crochet

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The sentiment and excitement of the American Thanksgiving spill over into our neck of the woods too.  We  get to view the big parade on t.v. and start hearing about the Black Friday sales in the weeks leading up. And of course, lots of new recipes to try for the big meal are featured in magazines, on television and around the net.  I take real interest in all the tips for cooking the perfect turkey because before you know it, I'll be cooking a Christmas turkey. And all those left over turkey recipes will come in handy too.
 All good stuff.

  Blog surfing is a real treat these days as well.  People have created the most wonderful Thanksgiving tributes...the quilts and cross stitched pictures celebrating the seasons' sentiments are especially wonderful. Turkeys are always a popular motif.

I just had to smile when I saw this.  Thanksgiving Chipmunks!

Thanksgiving Chipmunks - Counted Needle Point and Cross Stitch Chart Patterns.  via Etsy.:

I watch chipmunks around the garden and this little Thanksgiving Cross Stitch and Needlepoint
picture is so cute to me.  It is from Etsy, Paula Howard Patterns Store.

Have to share this dessert with you. It would be a good one to file for Christmas when the family and friends are around.  I could never justify making something like this for just Hubby though he would probably say, try, just try me.   

Rock Recipes' Chocolate Cherry  Cheesecake Trifle

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Trifle

It is from the marvelous cook, Barry Parsons and featured in his blog Rock Recipes.
This is the link right to that recipe.  It sounds so delicious.

It is warmer today, above freezing and we should get to 10 C above.  But still cool enough to make my nose cold on my walk with the dogs a little while ago.  
 I'm sitting by the wood stove...toasty and made even toastier because I've brought my Granny Stripe blanket out here to the kitchen to crochet my two rows.  It's at an awkward very ungainly size but it can certainly warm up a lap!

Hope you are toasty wherever you are and have lots in your life to be grateful for too.

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