Friday, 20 November 2015

The Sewist's Mess

Finally, finally have the new fridge...a Samsung.  I chose more white because I didn't think stainless steel suited an old farmhouse kitchen.  And I like how bright the white is too.  So far it is proving to be larger inside than the old one and it makes ice cubes in the freezer which I love with all the water I drink.

I cut back all the geraniums and am happy to see bloom appearing so they survived the trip from outside to inside.

   I had the best kind of mail recently...stitching mail which contained the

   Marti Michell templates.  No excuse now for improperly drawn pieces.

This sewist's mess
 ...don't know why but I always feel like I am 'putting on airs' to use the word sewist.  Started to sew a sashing on the embroidered blocks, decided I didn't like it and took it all off again.  The challenge is to find a sashing that will be colourful but not outshine the embroidered flowers.  The search is on. And I think I will set the blocks on point. 

A bit of experimenting and I have found the right Marti templates to use to make my 9 inch stars. This has made my life easier I can tell you.  The blocks I made  during the experimenting will be saved and perhaps used on the back.
Slowly but surely a project comes together.  
As always what you can't see are the enjoyable hours I spent creating this mess.