Monday, 16 November 2015

Growing Delicious Tomatoes and Buried Treasure

I'm so pleased my tomato plants are doing fine in the greenhouse.  I've been picking 3 or 4 tomatoes every day and I wonder how far into this season would the greenhouse work.  Quite a lot of heat builds up during the day and even though some nights are flirting with below freezing, the overall temperature is remaining stable.  The pots dry out quickly though, and I've had to make sure to water them daily, approximately two cups of water per day.
 But small trouble for fresh tomatoes grown from seeds in soil claimed completely from our own compost bins.  And they are delicious.  This is a good incentive to get my tomato growing in full swing earlier in the spring. (Note To Self)

And on an entirely different matter, buried treasure!

Remember the really neat gift idea, a $20 candle with a ring buried in it I wrote about in this post? Daughter had bought one for her sister, me and herself.   Here are our rings retrieved from our candles. It seemed mine was the most buried as I had to practically burn my candle away before the little packet revealed itself.  I was beginning to think mine got missed somehow, but no.

The tags said they were worth about $80 each.  Not bad.