Thursday, 19 November 2015

Home The Best of Institutions

Exploring my fellow blogger's posts is one of my favourite things; it is a gift I give myself every day which I know sounds so corny.  Hubby says it is because I like to know what makes people tick.

I like some of the ideas floating around in various blogs.  Jenny at her Jenny of Elefantz blog is nearing the end of what she termed " a year of gentle domesticity".  This is where she has been celebrating the caring for her husband and home in a mindful and celebratory way.  Her words have been positive and uplifting as well as inspiring.

This is the side window in the living room.  I face this window while sitting on my stitching couch and sewing. When outside one evening, I noted how warm and inviting this little glimpse into my home looked.

Our home is where we spend our days; it only makes sense that we laud it and make it as comfortable as we can.  I can still muster the feeling of entering my home after a hard day at know exactly what I mean don't you?  That immediate release of tension and gratefulness to have a quiet house providing much needed relaxation....and you don't have to be working in schools all your life like I did to get that feeling.

  None of my homes have been fancy; in fact, over several decades of my life have been spent living in rented accommodation, but home is where you are living, humble though it may be.

Home is synonymous with comfort for Hubby and I.  And it seems to be taking more and more to blast us out of it, lol.

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