Friday, 27 November 2015

EPP Blocks and Simple, Sweet Words

A little catch up on what is happening with my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt is in order.

Above is Augusta with 33 pieces. I was happy when she was completed though no particular corners gave me a problem.

And here is Geneva

showing some of her tags in this slightly wonky view.  She had 32 pieces and this was my second go round with her.  The first was one of the early blocks I made with the too scant seam allowance.

This is Anne with an 'e' in pieces.  I'm showing you this because I am so happy to see how my stitching is improving.  In Augusta you can spy my stitches, but here they are hidden for the most part. Getting more the hang of it, I suppose.
 Success is partly due to finding the right needle for me.  I'm now using an applique needle that is very thin and a little flexible.  It helps in snagging just a tiny bit of fabric on both sides of the seam.  I'm sure this is a personal thing because I know some people prefer short needles for this kind of stitching.

The book, Farmer's Wife 1930'sSampler Quilt, by  Laurie Hird is available  right here  from Amazon.

Each of these quilt blocks have an accompanying letter written by a farmer's wife.  Here is a quote by Malcolm McLeod from Ruth's letter dated February 1933 that is matched with Anne.
Simple words, loaded with meaning.
 I tried to choose a couple that would be more appropriate and meaningful to" heartaches healed" or "good health".  But it turns out all of them are important to me.

"It is common things that quench thirst, not rare things; ordinaries, not luxuries; not palatial houses, but a home; not royal wine, but cold water; good health, kind friends, encouraging words, loving deeds, duty done, heartaches healed, a grasp, a clasp, a kiss, a smile, a song, a welcome- these are the beams that bring summer into the soul and make us lighthearted, free and glad."