Monday, 2 November 2015

Sheep Sharing

I think you know by now how much I love wool (and fabric).  I can't keep my hands off it when I'm in a yarn shop and seeing all the lovely balls nestled together gives me the same feeling as blank paper and a new black ink pen, I want to get using it.

The fact that it is a renewable resource is marvelous too.  Praise be to sheep.

I'm back to Jane Brocket, the wonderfully multi-talented crafts person and author of many books one being The Gentle Art of Knitting.  Two of her projects have been in my favourites file for a year now and I'm determined this is the winter to get them started.
The first is a knitting project, a blanket.  Jane has great flair for colour choices and prefers the bright and cheery shades. This lovely blanket is featured in her book and I think she used double moss stitch knit into long scarves and then sewed them together.  Having a deju vu moment...forgive me if I've talked about this before.  That seems to be happening to me more often lately.  Senior moment!
What a great way to get a blanket knit.  And portable too which so many of us like to do with our ongoing projects.


But I do love this and I can see this project is doable for me.  Which means being able to watch t.v. while knitting.  I realize I take a lazy attitude towards my crocheting and knitting in always choosing patterns that won't interfere with 'listening' to a show.

Below: this is Jane's lovely hexagon crocheted throw.  Pretty, pretty colours.  Here is the link to Her Site where she provides the link to this project as well as information about so many wonderful projects.
Seeing this puts crocheted hexagons back on my radar.


I love the row of white edging each block.  I think it helps the colours to really pop.

Yes, the season is upon us, the one here in this hemisphere that gets us thinking of wool and being warm and cosy.
I've been searching the net for the perfect yarn for these wooly projects.  The Stylecraft Special DK just might fill the bill.  I am loving working with it for my current granny square blanket which is getting larger inch by inch and getting heavier.  I feel like it has grown so much and truly will be a blanket.

Cute Sheepy Stuff

The cleverly named Ewesful Gifts web site features all things sheep...mugs, t-shirts, bedding, etc.

And items of sheep nostalgia too.

OMG Cute Things has continual posts about cute things, not just sheep but isn't this little guy adorable.

But this urge to be knitting is dangerous and the reason is WIP's.
 I do have my crochet project to get done, and my cross stitch and my quilting SAL but I don't count that as it's just the two blocks a week which is manageable. (So says she who is now 2 blocks 'behind').