Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Magical To Me

Someone asked about the red maple leaf photo in my blog header.  This is a leaf from younger Daughter's garden and several had fallen on her concrete front steps.  I liked the contrast between the stark light gray and the bold red of the leaves.  It was easy to isolate one to get 'room' around it to write my blog name. I've always had the maple leaf idea in my head to use in this way being Canadian and all.
 Funny how sometimes the actuality of an idea magically presents itself. It reminds me of the old saying that goes something like chance favours the prepared mind. If you know that saying, please tell me who said it.

 And speaking of magical...

The trail through our woods-in places the trees overtop it and meet and make a lovely canopy.  Then the sun at the end gives it a magical look. The day I took this picture back in August, I remember feeling awed by the beauty of that light.  Though you can't see it here, the word gossamer could be used to describe the floating aura that surrounded the light.  Lots of tiny flies and floating bits of plants were seemingly dancing in the light.
It made me think of all the people who have had the near death experience and witnessed the light at the end of the tunnel syndrome.  If it is anything like this vision, is a beautiful sight and if you were to pass with that image on your retina, how lucky it would be.

When we took older grandson to Toronto back in June, we visited the Ripley's Aquarium and I loved the various towering glass displays of under sea creatures.  The jelly fish, in particular, with all the changing colours, were magical.  I could have stayed watching in total awe for hours.

Though nature will always be the most magical to me....

I'm that old I can remember when television first came to Newfoundland.  Only a few houses had t.v. 's and neighbours would sometimes gather at crucial times to watch favourite shows...I Love Lucy being an especially popular one.  Television was magical to us all.  Little did we know that that was just the start of so much magic in technology.
And later on and then into computers I remember the day when I wasted time looking for a plug- in to suddenly realize the key board was wireless.

 More magic! Endless magic!

And through the magic of the internet I'm talking to you today. In the words of Jackie Gleeson, How sweet it is!

Hope there is something magical in your day.