Friday, 8 April 2016

A Pyjamas Kind of Day

I grew up in a house where everyone appeared at the breakfast table fully dressed.  Christmas morning was the only time us kids could be in our pyjamas.  I still feel the same way, but occasionally there is a day when I feel like wearing those flannel pants and a comfy fleecy top and lounging around.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I'll blame it on the snow storm.  Wednesday, we had 15 cm of snow and a bit of wind which was discouraging weather-wise and a real spring setback.  White again as far as the eye could see.  Those little tulip and daffodil sprigs I showed you earlier, covered under a fresh wintry blanket.  Then yesterday gray skies and pouring rain off and on all day.  Not a spring out of bed kind of morning.  It banished all thought of getting in the greenhouse to sort things out, or doing any raking, obviously,

April 5 th View from my Front Door

I felt hungry all day too.
 I started with two cups of coffee, a bowl of oatmeal, three 'ants on a log' celery sticks, half a grapefruit and it was still only 8:10 am.  I just knew it would be one of those sort of insatiable kind of days.

 I soldiered onward and tried to do everything as usual.  I took the dogs for a walk but found the heavy wet snow made walking hard.  We were all panting by the time we came home.

I sat down to finish a novel I began reading on Monday, The Untold, by Australian writer Courtney Collins. (Originally titled The Burial.) I liked this book from the moment I read the first page. I love books that have a real story and also have excellent writing and this one has both.  I also love women protagonists who fight against horrible circumstances, who use their grit and intelligence to outwit the people who control them.  I didn't know till today that the book was inspired by the life of Jessie Hickman, a legendary outlaw in early twentieth century Australian outback.  A good read.

                                         The Untold

Lunch was a thick piece of pumpernickel bread with ham and some sauerkraut.  I felt like I wanted something substantial and Hubby usually is happy with whatever I make.
 That kind of hit the spot.  

 Later in the day I did a little to use DMC 839 Dark Brown, DMC 161 Dark Lavender and DMC 160 Lavender.  The lavenders look kind of blue to me.  I drank a large coffee while doing this to keep myself from snacking.

While watching House of Cards, I crocheted two more of my hexagons, these in that pretty blue/pale turquoise colour.  Beside them in the photo is a sprig of geranium I put in water a couple of months ago.  It has thrived forming many roots and now surprisingly a pretty little bloom.  I'm hoping it can hang on till I can plant it outdoors.
 I'm at the part in House of Cards where Claire Underwood has aspirations to become vice president; being First Lady is not enough for her.  Such raw ambition has me rivetted.

I gave up on that in time for supper.  We had oven baked chicken breasts and sweet potato and I fried bok choy and mushrooms in olive oil to go with it. It was filling and tasted okay.

My lazy day...  No housework got done, no paperwork, no research, no exercise, no multi-tasking.
And I don't know when it occurred to me that what started out as my lazy day was actually a very quiet and peaceful day.  Maybe after our scare with Rex, we needed a day like that.

 A little reading, a little stitching, a little t.v.


April 7, 2016...a day I can declare I was calm and peaceful.

Hope there is calm and peace in your days this weekend.