Monday, 11 April 2016

February in April and A Bevy of BLoggers

Well April is not acting very April-ly.
  Even one of the meteorologists labelled it February-like today. Temperatures well below normal; we are still experiencing wind chills in the minus areas and the constant slight snow falls are keeping the world white. And then there is the freezing rain in between.
 Still wearing my winter parka, winter boots and gloves.   Brrrr and Grrrr

Thank goodness there is lots to occupy my teensy mind inside the house and especially on my computer. I love to share with you the efforts of my fellow bloggers.  Some are professionals and others are like myself, blogging for our own entertainment and delighted when some one else reads our posts.

Rhonda at Down to Earth  wrote a post called "So Now It's Liver Spots" that echoed so many of my feelings about aging...."youth is over-rated, old age is under-rated" for one.  I too think I have less patience with far too many things to mention now that I am old. This was one of her most commented upon posts in recent weeks with everyone agreeing with her well put sentiments. This particular post is well worth a read, as are all her writings, of course.

Florence at her Buzz and Flutter blog has set up a night camera and is showing all the creatures stopping by her garden overnight.  I love looking.  In the post I've highlighted, she shows Mr. Fox so I couldn't resist telling you about him.  Florence also shares wonderful photos of the birds at her feeders in her little corner of Ontario.

I would love to have such a night time camera, though I think it might frighten me to see what is passing through our property at night.  And I'm not thinking of raccoons or skunks!

This is a video of Stephanie Pearl McPhee at Yarn Harlot demonstrating a knitting technique that maybe accounts for why she can produce so many knitted items in such short order.  Stephanie is huge in terms of fans and her very amusing blog is one of the reasons.

Here's a couple of other videos I found that I thought very interesting.

The fastest knitter in the world, Mariam Tegels.  I don't know if Mariam is a blogger but I couldn't resist showing you this snippet of her knitting.

This is Barb Demorest demonstrating her invention, Knitted Knockers... knitted forms as breast prosthesis for those who have lost their breasts for whatever reason.   What a great idea.

Quick Rex Update 
 He appears completely recovered but he is still on the medications.  Will have his stitches removed on Wednesday.  The test results showed he had a splenic infarction.  No one knows what exactly causes them but German Shepherds are susceptible.

Now I just have to worry about Murphy who ate an entire plastic plate yesterday...still watching but no signs of anything amiss yet.
 Just what kind of stomachs do dogs have anyway!