Friday, 1 April 2016

Tulips-To-Be and a Scary Spleen Story

Look what I found when I went on a walk with Murphy yesterday.  They weren't there the day before..

Tulips- to- be.
 Yay! Those are the remnants of the giant English daisies that are lying over them.  Hope to get the rake out this weekend and clean them up.

And in other news

We've had an interesting and scary two days.  Rex, our German Shepherd, has been under the weather since last Thursday.  A little tired, not eating as well, not jumping up on his bed -that sort of thing. Most notably, he had lost his bark and he is a barker.  Just not himself so we took him to the vet Wednesday morning fully expecting her to say it was just a virus or something equally benign.
However, I could tell something about the list of symptoms gave her pause.  She asked to  x-ray his belly and draw some blood.  And sure enough, the x-ray showed his spleen was very enlarged.  She thought perhaps a tumour and dog tumours in the spleen have an 80% chance of being malignant.  Not good. We were completely taken aback.

 What a horrible night we put in Wednesday.  Hubby has never had children and his rescued dogs have always been like children to him.  You might remember the post I wrote about what he went through when we had to say good bye to Lacie, the Dalmatian.  So I was worried for him as well as Rex.

 We took Rex back to her office for surgery first thing Thursday morning.  Two hours later and we had some good news. Turns out it wasn't a tumour at all.  The problem was a two inch area of scarred tissue on the spleen that must have been bleeding.  She took a photo of the area to show us and send to the pathologist.  It seems to be a bit strange; whether there had been a cyst which cleared up on its own or some damage to the spleen somehow we don't know.  We do know for a fact he hasn't been hit by a car as he is never ever off our property.  So it is a bit of a mystery.

 But he is a strong boy and was able to come home at 5 pm yesterday.

 He was a little bit medicated still when we picked him up and went right to his dog bed in the living room when he came in the house.  I could just imagine his thought being" there is nothing like your own bed".  He slept all evening.
 Results of the biopsy should be gotten in a few days.  Perhaps then we'll know more about what ailed him.

Murphy really had her nose out of joint because she couldn't go on these car rides which she loves.  So as compensation, she got the longest walk and a new rawhide bone.  She says it was a help.

 We ate breakfast in a diner after we dropped Rex at the vet's that morning.  When I used the ladies room, I was surprised and pleased to see this sitting on the counter.

Someone's little framed cross stitched picture saying

                                 Those who give Love, Gather Love

I hope there is some love, whether given or gathered, in your weekend.